Canning Stock Route - Rock Art and Jukurrpa Database



The Canning Stock Route Database (CSRD) provides an organised structure for recording site locations, site descriptions, details of rock art motifs, photos, video, audio files and other materials derived from aboriginal cultural heritage surveys. Existing data has been collated formatted and archived into the CSRD which provides a means to deliver the collected materials back to traditional owners, researchers and associated project partners

ESS has also developed the Canning Stock Route Rock Art and Jukurrpa (CSRRAJ) website that will provide a means for the general public to gain an understanding of country, people and culture. A menu provides the structure in which users can navigate through the website. Menu items provide links to web pages containing text, images and other audio visual materials. Several web pages are configured to render content (in the form of text, images, videos, and audio files) from the CSRD. These pages will be setup to correspond to categories and features defined within the database.